The Dallas City Flooded Roadway System is a sequence of flashers which alert motorists of roads that might be inundated with water

lights are flashing at present on 44 roads in the city. Drivers are advised to stay clear of these areas.

Check the status of the city's streets here.. (10:38 a.m.) (11:38 am) to Know About Flash Flooding In the United States, at minimum 773 individuals have died

The summer months are the the most active season of the year to experience flash floods throughout the U.S.

due to slower-moving weather patterns, abundant humid and warm air, and occasionally the possibility of tropical storms as well as hurricanes.

Local National Weather Service offices issue flash flood alerts

whenever flash flooding is occurring or is expected to occur according to rainfall levels and trends in radar.

No matter if a warning is in force at the time, you should avoid flooding areas.